X Workshop on Differential Geometry 

09-20 March 2020 Praia do Francês-Brazil

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I Workshop on Differential Geometry

7-11 February 2011


Harold Rosenberg (IMPA)

Superfícies de Curvatura Média Constante em 3-Variedades Homogêneas




Manfredo do Carmo (IMPA)

Surfaces in Product Spaces Invariant under Ambient Isometries and a Characterization of the Cylinder


Ari João Aiolfi (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria)

CMC Killing Graphs in H3 and R3 with Boundary Data satisfying the Bounded Slope Condition


Detang Zhou (Universidade Federal Fluminense)

Rigidity of Complete Riemannian Manifolds


Feliciano Aguiar Vitório (Universidade Federal de Alagoas)

Some Remarks on Minimal Submanifolds in R^n


Fernando Codá Marques (IMPA)

Counterexamples to Min-Oo's Conjecture


Frederico Vale Girão (Universidade Federal do Ceará)

Conformal Geometry via Spinors


Gérard Besson (Université de Grenoble)

Differentiable Rigidity and Ricci Curvature


Laurent Bessières (Université de Grenoble)

Surgical Solutions to the Ricci Flow


 Pedro Roitman (Universidade de Brasília)

Area Preserving Transformations and Classical Differential Geometry


Ricardo Sá Earp (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro)

Uniqueness of Minimal Surfaces whose Boundary is an Horizontal Graph and Some Bernstein Problems in H^2  x R


Zindine Djadli (Université de Grenoble)

Rigidity of Compact Riemannian Manifolds in Positive Curvature





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