X Workshop on Differential Geometry 

09-20 March 2020 Praia do Francês-Brazil

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IV Workshop on Differential Geometry 

10-14 March 2014



William Meeks III (University of Massachusetts) 

Curvature estimates for embedded surfaces of constant mean curvature 



Harold Rosenberg (IMPA)

Minimal and constant mean curvaturesurfaces in hyperbolic three manifolds 


André Neves (Imperial College London)

Existence of minimal hypersurfaces 


Felix Schulze (University College London) 

Evolution of regular networks in the plane


Joaquín Perez (Universidad de Granada) 

Foliations with leaves of constant mean curvature 


Zhiqin Lu (University of California - Irvine) 

Essential spectra of complete manifolds 


Levi Lopes de Lima (UFC)

Spinors and the Brown-York quasi-local mass


Lucas Ambrozio (IMPA) 

On perturbations of Anti-de Sitter-Schwarzschild spaces of positive mass 


Luquésio P. Jorge (UFC) 

Stochastically complete submanifolds of hyperbolic space 


Sérgio Almaraz (UFF) 

A positive mass theorem for asymptotically flat manifolds with a noncompact boundary 


Jorge Herbert Soares de Lira (UFC) 

Some results on generalized mean curvature 


Henrique Bursztyn (IMPA) 

Symplectic geometry in degree 2 


Gregório Pacelli Bessa (UFC)

On the spectrum of bounded immersions


Paolo Piccione (USP) 

Bifurcation of periodic solutions to the singular Yamabe problem 

on spheres 


Jaime Ripoll (UFRGS) 

The asymptotic Plateau's problem for minimal submanifolds and CMC hypersurfaces in a Hadamard manifold 


Laurent Hauswirth (Université Paris-Est) 

The space of Alexandrov embedded surfaces in the three-spher


Walcy Santos (UFRJ)  

Gap results for critical points of some geometrical variational problem


David Hoffman (Stanford University) 

Higher genus helicoids  


Laurent Mazet (Université Paris-Est) 

Construction of minimal surfaces in hyperbolic manifolds


Patrícia Klaser (UFRGS) 

On the first eigenvalue and eigenfunction of the Laplace Operator


Graham Smith (UFRJ) 

A new Weierstrass type representation for constant extrinsic curvature surfaces in hyperbolic space 


Asun Jiménez (UFF) 

Isolated singularities of graphs in warped products and Monge-Ampère equations


Gregório Silva Neto (UFAL)

A Sobolev type inequality for scalar curvature


Benoît Daniel (Université de Lorraine)

Minimal isometric immersions into S^2 x R and H^2 x R


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