X Workshop on Differential Geometry 

09-20 March 2020 Praia do Francês-Brazil

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V Workshop on Differential Geometry 

10-14 March 2015



Davi Maximo (Stanford University)

Sobre a segunda variação da área de superfícies mínimas   



Richard Schoen (Stanford University)

Constructing metrics on surfaces which maximize eigenvalues


Esther Cabezas-Rivas (Goethe-Universitt Frankfurt)

Averaging holonomy and curvature on manifolds with lower sectional curvature bound


Xiaodong Cao (Cornell University)

The Weyl Tensor of a Gradient Ricci Soliton


Peter Topping (University of Warwick)

Singularities of the Teichmuller harmonic map flow


Antonio Alarcon (Universidad de Granada)

The conformal Calabi-Yau problem


Sergio Almaraz (Universidade Federal Fluminense)

A positive mass theorem and an application to a Yamabe-type flow on manifolds with boundary


Ezequiel Barbosa (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)

Smooth Compactness of f-Minimal Hypersurfaces with Bounded f-Index


G. Pacelli Bessa (Universidade Federal do Ceará) 

On the radial spectrum of model manifolds


Laurent Hauswirth (Universit Paris-Est)

Slab type theorems for minimal surfaces in HxR


Levi Lopes de Lima (Universidade Federal do Ceará)

Deforming the scalar curvature of the de Sitter-Schwarzschild space


Luciano Mari (Universidade Federal do Ceará)

On the spectrum of minimal submanifolds


Pablo Mira (Universidad de Cartagena)

Uniqueness of immersed spheres with prescribed mean curvature


Paolo Piccione (Universidade de São Paulo)

Multiple solutions of the singular Yamabe problem on spheres via topological and analytical techniques.


Alvaro Kruger Ramos (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

Isoperimetric inequalities on Hadamard manifolds with applications to hyperbolic geometry


Magdalena Rodrıguez (Universidad de Granada)

Classification of minimal surfaces in H2 × R with finite total curvature


Harold Rosenberg (IMPA)     

Closed embedded minimal hypersurfaces of least area in closed manifolds of dimension at most 7. Applications to closed embedded minimal surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds 


Graham Smith (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

On complete embedded translating solitons of the mean curvature flow that are of finite genus


Keti Tenenblat (Universidade de Brasília) 

New minimal surfaces in the hyperbolic space


Gabriela Wanderley (Universidade Federal da Paraıba) 

Capillary Problem


Xin Zhou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Shape of the min-max minimal hypersurface in manifold of positive Ricci curvature in all dimensions


Tatiana Zolotareva (Centre de Mathematiques Laurent Schwartz)

Free Boundary Minimal Surfaces in the Unit 3-Ball



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