IX Workshop on Differential Geometry 

11-15 March 2019, Federal University of Alagoas, Maceió-Brazil

18-22 March 2019, Praia do Francês-Brazil


The Workshop on Differential Geometry of the Institute of Mathematics of the Federal University of Alagoas has become a traditional event that takes place every year in Maceio-Alagoas, during the Brazilian summer. The aim of this workshop is to gather in Maceio national and international researchers of high scientific level in the field of differential geometry.

In this 9th edition, the event will be held in two weeks.

From 11 to 15 March, the activities will occur on the Mathematics Institute of the Federal University of Alagoas, and the program is dedicated to young researchers and graduate students, including a minicourse, 30min contributed talks and two sections of open problems.


From 18 to 22 March, the activities will occur at Hotel Ponta Verde at Praia do Francês and keeps the traditional program with one minicourse and invited lectures.


Conference Venue


Invited Speakers

Lucas Ambrozio (Institute for Advanced Study)

Claudio Arezzo (ICTP-Trieste)

Ezequiel Barbosa (UFMG)

Joao Lucas Barbosa (UFC)

Huai-Dong Cao (Lehigh University)

Alessandro Carlotto (ETH-Zürich and IAS-Princeton)

Tiarlos Cruz (UFAL)

José Espinar (IMPA and Universidad de Cadiz)

Jianquan Ge (Beijing Normal University)

Laurent Hauswirth (Université de Marne-la-Vallée)

Levi Lima (UFC)

Jorge Lira (UFC)

Ivan Passoni (IMPA)

Paolo Piccione (USP)

Rafael Ponte (IMPA)

Magdalena Rodriguez (Universidad de Granada)

Pieralberto Sicbaldi (Universidad de Granada)

Keti Tenenblat (UnB)



First week (11-15, March):

1) Minicourse by Álvaro Ramos (UFRGS) and Vanderson Lima (UFRGS)

Title: Teoria dos nós e topologia de 3-variedades



2) Minicourse by Darlan de Oliveira (UEFS)

 Title: Estimativas do índice de estabilidade de superfícies mínimas e de curvatura média constante


Second week (18-22, March):

1) Minicourse by Marco Guaraco (University of Chicago)

Title: The Allen-Cahn equation and Minimal Hypersurfaces


Organizing and Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee:
Márcio Batista (UFAL)
Marcos Petrúcio Cavalcante (UFAL)
Abraão Mendes (UFAL)
Feliciano Vitorio (UFAL)
Scientific Committee:
Hilário Alencar  (UFAL)
Marcos Petrúcio Cavalcante  (UFAL)
José Espinar (IMPA)
Fernando Codá Marques  (Princeton University)
Harold Rosenberg  (IMPA)
Detang Zhou (UFF)


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